FUBAR. was formed to develop and recruit a more honorable body of members to enhance the enjoyment of the EVE experience. We hold ourselves and those we fly with to a higher level of excellence and professionalism. The alliance focuses on teamwork and participation among all our members. We are dedicated to bettering ourselves and the abilities of others through regulation and experience. We welcome those looking for a higher standard of community and overall positive gaming. We are based on the fundamentals of honor, integrity and loyalty.

We are a SOV-holding nullsec alliance focused on fun, teamwork, and cohesiveness. We believe in the fundamentals of "miners with teeth" and expect all industrial pilots to train basic combat skills at a minimum. We hold multiple upgraded systems in the Immensea region. We are not renters, and there are no fees for member corporations. What we offer our members:


  • Close proximity to plenty of targets
  • Alliance/Coalition doctrine ships
  • SRP
  • Alliance/Coalition level ops
  • Experienced FCs


  • Upgraded industry systems
  • Planetary Interaction with low tax rates
  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Rorqual and Orca boosts
  • Astrahus for better refining


  • Mumble
  • Discord
  • Forums
  • Experienced membership
  • Newbie friendly

We are always looking for new corporations to join our community. We are a smaller alliance, but this allows us to know each other and grow together as a unit. Nobody is lost in the cracks, and everyone has a chance to truly make a difference.